Beverly F. Recommends Anneshia Miller Grant, Esq.

It was a miracle and a blessing when Anneshia Miller Grant took my case in 2019. I sought her counsel after working with a previous attorney from another firm for seven months and not gaining ground in negotiating favorable terms of divorce with my opposing party. I required new counsel to represent my interest during a contentious divorce and only four months remained to my scheduled custody and divorce hearings. I was frazzled by the divorce process, an uncooperative opposing party and a dwindling timeframe to my court hearings. Ms. Miller Grant was the calm in my stormy divorce. Her poised, grounded character was evident from the initial consultation. She is honest, forthcoming and provided sound advice on the possible outcomes of each filed legal action or hearing. She took the time to understand my needs and represent them in negotiations and in hearings. Her extensive knowledge of the law, savvy planning and strategies, network of law-related services, continuous communication and dedication to my case tremendously changed the course of my case. Ms. Miller Grant's approaches to litigating are also wonders to see. Within the first month of taking my case, she established custody and support for my child that I was not aware could have taken place. She required the opposing party and counsel to produce discovery information, according to the law, and steadily steered them to negotiate on the terms of divorce. By the time of my court hearings, Ms. Miller Grant negotiated and litigated favorable terms for my minor child's custody arrangement and for me in the divorce.
Ms. Miller Grant is a remarkable attorney and a hard worker and is well respected by colleagues and presiding judges. In the last three years, I've required her representation for the enforcement of divorce terms on the opposing party and trust her in handling any of my cases. I hope you find this review helpful in selecting Ms. Miller Grant to litigate your legal matter.

– Beverly F.